Émilie needs: Simon Benoit to integrate her designs perfectly on client websites. 

Émilie needs: Andréanne Benoit to know what task to work on once she’s completed the morning’s first ten tasks!

Émilie Séguin

UI/UX Designer

Bursting with energy and creativity that would make any designer jealous, no reptile could do without Émilie! As well as being impressively versatile, our web designer is always on the hunt for the latest celebrity gossip and never hesitates to share it with us. Through her seven years working in design, Émilie has perfected her artistic sense while working on numerous projects, all the while exploring different work environments. Almost always the first person at the office, she is also known for being very hard working.


Chambly is her new home... and where she does renovations.

Fast food

There is no way she could go a full week without eating some.


She is always there, no matter what. And she is always ready to work regardless of the challenge.