Katia needs: Daniel Vaillancourt to animate the final product.

Katia needs: Émilie Séguin because two meticulous designers are always better than one when you’re working on high-profile creative projects!

Katia Laporte

Senior Designer

Admittedly a perfectionist, Katia has proudly mastered the art of flawlessly aligning pixels at Reptile since 2004. No detail goes unnoticed when she reviews graphic work! Passionate about the internet and design, she always finds innovative concepts for our clients and team. In her work and personal life, she loves life’s small, simple details that make all the difference, and draws inspiration from them to cook, garden, and take care of her hens.


She suffers from extreme attention to detail.


No music = a very boring day!

Absurd humour

Why take oneself seriously at work?