At Reptile, everybody counts

We offer a unique work environment, which is in line with our values, as well as suggestions passed down by former team members throughout the years.

Here are a few of the reasons we love it here!

Balanced life

At Reptile, we believe in the importance of spending quality time away from the office. We offer a flexible schedule and don’t glorify doing overtime. We believe that balancing one’s work and family life is essential!

Collaborative work

We believe in the importance of team work, as well as coming together to discuss, share, and bring projects to fruition successfully. We work together to achieve unparalleled results.

Having fun and connecting

Whether it’s doing team-building activities, organizing themed happy hours, or having lunch meetings and sharing knowledge or discussing where the company is headed, we like to get together!

Birthday poutine

Vegan or not, you get poutine for your birthday lunch.


We offer our employees opportunities to blossom and push themselves: trainings, advancement within the company, and a great intrapreneurship program. Our employees’ future is important to us, which is why we make it a point to listen to them.

Mind and spirit

Derma Julie likes it when you take care of yourself: we offer yoga at the office and a wellness program which can be used towards a gym membership, going snowboarding, or even getting cleaning services at home.

Major mandates

We love challenges and prestigious clients. With us, you’ll push yourself by working on projects you can be proud of!

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