Solution Gourmande

MobiloChef, a Montreal-based business specializing in in-home catering and chef services, has expanded its offering in the past year with the addition of Solution Gourmande.


With the immense popularity of home-delivered meal platforms, MobiloChef decided to ride the wave by launching its own website that offers high-end ready-to-eat meals, in addition to a grocery section.


Reptile and Solution Gourmande have worked hand in hand to develop this easy to use the platform that meets the requirements of the industry.


The Brossard agency opted to develop the platform in Shopify to create a website that would encourage meal sales and simplify the ordering process for users.


Before moving on to integration, Reptile handled the information architecture, functionality analysis, art direction and design of the graphic layouts. Solution Gourmande has written all the content on the platform. Our designers’ expertise—who provided art direction for the entire project—was leveraged to create a complete branding package including logo, brand guidelines and written tone of voice.


Once these steps were approved, the production team ensured the integration, programming and implementation of the content.

See the website

Noticeable speed of execution thanks to the use of Lighstpeed

Great creative autonomy, especially for the logo design which facilitated the graphic design of the website