Le Panier Bleu

April 2021 marked the beginning of a great and exciting mandate for Reptile with the addition of Le Panier Bleu to its active projects. The platform that promotes Québec businesses and products has chosen to entrust the creation and management of its newsletters to the Brossard agency.


The project started by taking care of the more technical aspects such as database management and template integration. From the beginning, Reptile has formed a cohesive team between its integration and strategy departments to ensure that each emailing meets client expectations and more. 


From this mandate also comes a number of very specific tasks to which the digital and content strategists are assigned on a weekly basis. Our team works week after week to keep emailing schedules up to date, write the content included in the newsletter, promote the different campaigns of the Québec platform and design attractive layouts.


Always in pursuit of the primary goal of Le Panier Bleu—to boost the purchase of Québec products—Reptile works with deadlines and the abundance of articles offered by their blog to establish an effective newsletter strategy.


Recently, the Reptile team was assigned to write articles for the “Merchant Resources” category of their blog. Once a month, the agency gets out its best pen to give tips to merchants on various topics and news that concern them.


*The various banners and visuals in the newsletters are from Le Panier Bleu
**The illustrations are the work of Cécile Gariépy

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Newsletters are the traffic source that keeps users on their website the longest.

Creation and emailing of newsletters to two completely different audiences, B2B and B2C, on a weekly basis.

Over the last 6 months, newsletters have been the 3rd most important traffic generator on their website.