After many years of design and development, the SmartBi tool officially took off on the Web in 2021. The business intelligence (BI) platform, which specializes in creating customized dashboards, offers its users the ability to view all their data in one place.


The platform is now available to the general public, i.e. companies, freelancers and agencies who wish to visualize their digital performance.


What makes this tool special is that it centralizes the data and digital performance of more than a dozen platforms, from social networks to websites.


The platform was developed in Brossard for international use. Science data experts worked together with developers and designers to put online a BI tool that can be accessed from all over the world.


In order to promote this great achievement, the strategy team got involved to create and broadcast advertising campaigns on different digital channels.


A content strategy including posts on various social networks and blog articles was also carried out.

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