SBK Telecom

SBK Telecom has built its expertise on IP telephony for large enterprises, companies with multiple offices and stores with many outlets. 


Reptile and SBK have a long history of working together! Our agency has done a lot of work for the VoIP company in the past few years.


This time, Reptile was given the mandate to completely redesign their website. The new platform opened the door to a host of challenges—which proved to be successful!—for our agency since it was entirely designed on Shopify.


The Front-End development and design teams were the most solicited by the website which now offers a vast catalog of phone products and accessories. In order to put online a custom Shopify platform with unique features, many hours were spent selecting the best images, creating wireframes, and coding.


Reptile has developed a custom module to allow users to sign up for online VoIP services and purchase specialized equipment easily.


The SEM experts also continued their excellent work by making new advertising campaigns to keep the company’s good position in search engines and on social networks.


SBK Telecom has also benefited from a sustained SEO strategy and the implementation of numerous dashboards that will help track the growth of its platform and its digital performance.

See the website

Creation of a Shopify online store

Automated online registration for VoIP services

Complete tracking of the source of sales