Julie needs: Josée Legault to bring together the technical and content creation aspects for a decadent result!

Julie needs: Katia Laporte because content creation and visual design go hand in hand.

Julie Thério

Content Strategist

Passionate about human wellness, Julie believes in the importance of teamwork and individual well-being. She loves teaching yoga on top of her work at the agency. As a seasoned content strategist, her mission at Reptile is to ensure that strategies reflect both the brand’s essence while satisfying its business needs. According to her, storytelling is a necessity: it’s the narrative that helps generate true connections between the consumer and brand. 


Every story deserves to be told; it’s all about finding the right words!


There is never a bad time to do yoga, especially on Wednesdays at the office during lunch time.


Because of her passion for skin care: there is a reason her nickname is DermaJulie!