Arctic Gardens

Reptile has been working with Nortera (formerly known as Bonduelle) for over 10 years. Here is the 3rd site created by our teams, in collaboration with a third party agency that took the lead on the new brand book.


Arctic Gardens is a brand offering frozen vegetables from local and responsible agriculture.


The new packaging of the Artic Garden brand, which took several months before being definitively validated, allowed us to create a freshly refurbished website. An updated content and structure, to end the year 2022 serenely and launch into new challenges in 2023!


The solid experience of Reptile's designers will once again have won over our long-time partners, as will the rapidity and professionalism of the back-end developers.


Feel free to take a look.

See the website

Feature search to help users find appetizing recipes

Algorithm which provides Arctic Gardens product recommendations depending on the recipes chosen by users