Commissioned in the spring of 2022 by the company InputKit, Reptile was in charge of a new website creation. From the graphic redesign of the brand to the integration of tools and functionalities, the objective was to produce a site that was up to date, able to stand out from the competition, while leaving the company autonomous afterwards.


InputKit is a powerful and innovative SAAS solution aimed at improving the customer experience, employee experience and online reputation of companies around the world. By using InputKit, companies give themselves a way to create a wow effect with their customers and employees.


Starting from scratch, Reptile's creative team built a complete graphic identity to support this new client in the best possible way. After several months of exchanges and deliveries, the agency's developers took over to set up the structure and all the functionalities necessary for the proper deployment of the brand.


The site has a blog and free downloadable resources: webinars, articles, guides, diagnostics, calculation tools, etc. Its content remains in the hands of InputKit thanks to the use of a CMS.


More than necessary today in view of the competition present in many fields, a natural referencing strategy (SEO) was thought upstream and then carried out by the Reptile agency, in parallel with the launch of the website.


Finally, the website is set up with HubSpot CRM for everything related to the management of its prospects and customers. This once again allows the teams to manage a new aspect of the company autonomously. The CRM takes into account the request for demos, the creation and reception of forms, and the possibility of chatting live with InputKit agents thanks to the integration of the Live Chat tool. 


Feel free to take a look at the company and the other features we have integrated, whether they concern front-end integration or back-end development.

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