98% of online searches are done on Google and 70% of clicks on a website are from organic results

“But how do I rank well in search engines?”

Pierre-Olivier Boucher

Team Lead - Digital Strategy at Reptile

It's not by simply using cool tools to find problems on your website and fixing them!

Technical SEO

It's not by simply knowing exactly who is stealing visits from you and building a competitive website from the ground up!

Competitive analysis

It’s not only by knowing what the people are searching for and by creating relevant content to match their intent!

Content marketing

It’s not by only knowing the keywords on which you already rank and by making you save on SEM campaigns!


It's by doing it all!

Our Expertises

Technical SEO & Website Migration

Improving the technical foundation of a website and making sure that the search engines can understand and prioritize your pages in the search results.

• Technical audit to evaluate if search engines can discover, crawl, and index your content

• Technical roadmap to prioritize and deploy the most impactful technical fixes with your in-house experts or with our awesome team

• Website migration SEO strategy and checklist to avoid any significant traffic loss during a website relaunch

Content marketing

Writing relevant content promotes awareness and good organic ranking of your website.

• Creation of content aligned with your brand

• Use of keywords previously defined by an SEO analysis

• Adaptation of contents and distribution on several diffrent platforms

• Searching for lexical fields and using your editorial standards where applicable

Local SEO

Increasing the search visibility of your local business with its physical location to generate more calls, requests for directions and website visits.

• Local audit to evaluate the visibility of your business locations in specific regions or cities

• Local SEO strategy to choose the most effective way to promote your business whether it’s with online directories or with landing pages

• Manage, create, claim and update your local listings (name, address and phone number) on Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

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