Django development

Solutions designed for companies with complex needs.

Our web development specialists have been using the Django framework and Django CMS since 2009 to develop customized websites and web applications. Whether you need a complex website, a web application with high security standards, or a solution to automate your business processes via the web, Django is the ideal solution. This Python framework offers the security, ease of maintenance and reusability needed to ensure the success and robustness of your web projects.

Django is one of the most powerful frameworks for designing scalable websites, and is used by some of the most famous websites:


Django web applications have several qualities:

  • Modifiable API integrations
  • Easy content management
  • Dynamic interactive content
  • Highly secure platform (OWASP)
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Multilingual for all languages, alphabets and RTL
A visual editor allows you to view your modifications in contextual mode on the site.