Create a career website for your company to attract and recruit the best talent available in your market.

Our team of web design experts will work closely with you to create a career website that is attractive, user-friendly and representative of your employer brand.

Career website

A career website will help your company:

  • Enhance your employer brand
  • Make it easy to manage your job offers
  • Highlight the benefits of joining your team
  • Display lifestyle photos and testimonials
  • Adapt to your application process and reality

Dashboards linked to your career section

If you didn’t know, Reptile is behind the development of the SmartBi platform. That’s why we’ve developed high-performance dashboards that will enable you to track and analyze key metrics such as how many applications you’ve received, which campaign they came from, how much it costs you to get a new resume, and so on. A well-designed dashboard makes it easy to track performance, make informed decisions and help you determine which recruitment site brings you the best results by job category!

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