Our exciting partnership with Ver-Mac resulted in a major project to redesign their image and position them as leaders of their industry. This project was a fusion of aesthetics and technology, resulting in a website that captures the essence of Ver-Mac while offering an exceptional visitor experience.


On the technical side, Reptile applied its expertise with Python/Django technology, creating a robust and scalable site. We also offered Ver-Mac's teams autonomous management of their site, reinforcing their control over the platform.


The website has become an invaluable source of information on the Group's products, highlighting their commitment to innovation with concepts such as "Smart Work Zones" and "Connected Work Zones". In addition, our "Support" section provides users with comprehensive resources, from manuals to tutorials, offering technical assistance and a means of ordering spare parts.


Finally, the "Careers" section dedicated to recruitment demonstrates Ver-Mac's commitment to the development of its staff, reinforcing their position as an employer of choice. Coordinated photo shoots and carefully integrated images by our trusted partner, Bodoüm, added a crucial and engaging visual dimension to the whole project.


Our close collaboration with Ver-Mac was fundamental to the success of the project. Fluid communication with their team enabled us to respond precisely to their needs, creating a website that faithfully reflects their expertise. In addition, our partnership with Bodoüm greatly enriched the site, enhancing its visual appeal. Together, we shaped an innovative website that redefines XY as a market leader, uniting striking aesthetics with a solid technical foundation to deliver an unrivalled user experience.

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