Stéphanie needs the softness of Charlotte to create a balanced well-being.

Stéphanie Morin

Digital Marketing Strategist

A creative soul who never misses an opportunity to get her little hamster running, Stéphanie has an academic and professional career that zigzags according to her passions and interests.

Food takes an essential place in her heart (and her clothes), but her humour and positivism make her endearing. A passionate entrepreneur, she has developed a sensitivity and expertise that allows her to propel her clients further than they can imagine.

On the leisure side, Stéphanie, affectionately nicknamed Mo, loves reading, cinema and family outings (and silence 🤫).


She has a laugh that surprises but charms at the same time. Welcome to pets jokes.


Ideal bait to lure our protagonist, as Abraracourcix said: when the appetite goes, everything goes.


One idea does not wait for the other, to the misfortune of her husband...