Rébecca needs: Flavien Louis to merge front-end integration and back-end development in Web design projects.

Rébecca needs: Émilie Séguin because the designs have to have been made by someone before they can be integrated into a Web site! 

Rébecca Dupuis

Front-End Developer

Rébecca brought her joie de vivre and skills in 2019 to the agency’s production team where she works as a front-end developer and a specialist of Quenya, a language used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

As you may have guessed, this computer graphics design graduate is also a fantasy enthusiast. She has been with Reptile for over a year and integrates and applies designs to Web sites being programmed. Rébecca has just begun a computer science certificate program in order to add another string to her elvish bow!


She’s training for the marathon and would like to run an ultra marathon some day!


She has started to make her own clothes!


Her favourite artistic genre, in books, programs and films.