Pierre-Olivier needs: Daniel Vaillancourt to discuss designs and UX.

Pierre-Olivier needs: Paul Ross for the strategy department to thrive. 

Pierre-Olivier Boucher

Team Leader, Digital Strategy

Loads of experience in Web marketing gained over a short period, that’s a good way to describe Pierre-Olivier’s career path over the last 7 years! With Reptile since 2019, he started out as an SEO strategist and became team leader of the Digital Strategy Department a year later. 

For several years now, he has focused on training his colleagues and clients, which is one of his greatest passions. Bursting with energy — don’t give him too much coffee — and empathetic, Pierre-Olivier knows how to ease clients’ mental load by opting for good tactics that will enable them to achieve their business results.


Why do something if you can’t have fun while doing it?


Because it’s important to have faith in your ideas and to forge ahead.


When making decisions, you need to understand the context and to base your judgment on data.