Jonathan needs: Marie Vignola for her communication skills.

Jonathan needs: Paul Ross to ensure clients are in good hands. 

Jonathan Laberge

Business Development Manager

An “idea generator”—that’s how you could describe Jonathan, whose job is to guide clients and Reptile partners toward the best strategies for their needs. With over 15 years of experience in the online field, Jonathan shares his knowledge and passion with important Quebec companies, but also as a speaker in schools from secondary institutions to universities. Great at explaining things in an accessible way, he is also a columnist on TV (TVA, LCN), written media (Forbes, LIME), and the radio (Radio Talbot). Passionate about his work, Jonathan is also a huge lover of dance. 


Acting without planning is to plan failure.

fat content

Eating is a part of being happy!


It’s all about stepping out of the framework, and even the box.