Andréanne needs: Josée Legault her second-in-command and ally in project and production management at Reptile.

Andréanne needs: Pierre-Olivier Boucher to act as a link between the strategy department and the production department.

Andréanne Benoit

Project and Production Manager

After working close to 10 years with an advertising agency and in Web production, Andréanne has not only management skills, but the skillfulness of a world-class Tetris player as well. 

This is how she manages the production schedules and deadlines, while explaining everything in simple terms to both clients and teams. Naturally good-humoured, approachable and more organized than an Excel spreadsheet, Andréanne knows how to juggle with tight deadlines and to manage clients’ expectations of her colleagues!

Managing chaos

She adores playing Marie Kondo of chaos.


She has two children but always ends up acting as the group’s mother.


From figure skating to CrossFit and running, competitive sport has always been a part of her life!