IMC² (Multidisciplinary Institute in Cybersecurity and Cyberresilience) is a coalition of the prestigious universities Polytechnique, HEC, and UDM. Our objective was to propose a new website via WordPress to facilitate the creation of new pages directly by the client. Although the graphic charter was pre-established, our design team strived to bring a new brightness to the site, combining UX and UI.


On the technical side, we tackled the challenge of security by implementing robust measures while ensuring the user-friendliness, performance, and costs remained optimal. At the same time, we supported our client at every step to guarantee a secure online presence that harmoniously integrated with the overall site design.


In terms of design, Reptile went above and beyond to exceed the initial expectations. By choosing to rethink every detail with care, we gave a new life to IMC²’s aesthetics, creating a harmonious balance between modernity and functionality. This creative approach not only reinforced IMC²’s brand identity but also contributed to making the site a true point of convergence for those seeking information and inspiration.

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UX and UI Design